Sometimes, you wish your name was different to prevent those awkward situations where someone calls your name (or a name similar to yours), you respond, and they're actually speaking to someone else, amirite?

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I've had to train myself over the years to not actually make any audible response, just to look around to see whether they were talking to me or someone else, as I have a very common name.

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I go by my middle name (Vicki), but teachers call me Ana (my first name) and I remember every time in Physics when my teacher would call on this girl in, Vickie, and I'd be like "what?" and he would go, "not you, Ana".

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I go by Ness (rather than Vanessa) and you have no idea how many times I confuse "yes" for "Ness" or vice versa. I never know when someone's talking to me. no smilie

All my teachers call me Brianna, even though my name is Breanne.

where they got that A at the end, I have no idea, but they continually call me that even after I correct them. My drama teacher was the worst. She called me Brianna every time and we only have six other people in the class.

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That never happens for me, because there aren't many people by the name Devyani in this county, but my nickname's Devi and our dog is sometimes called "the baby" and when someone says "Baby" it gets a little confusing. Also, my mom mixes my name up with my two sisters and the dog, which can also be kind of tricky.

There was a kid in my homeroom last year named Tristan, and whenever the teacher called either of our names, we'd both respond almost every time.

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My name is Erin and sometimes I respond to Eric :( They sound so alike... Then I feel stupid after haha.

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I know someone named Stacey and every time a teacher says "Stay seated" she often thinks they're calling her name.

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We are four Catherine/Katherine/Kathryn's in my Chemistry class. It get confusing fast.

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My name is not at all common, but it starts with Jo. So I often think I'm being called when someone really said Joelle, Joan, Jolie, Joey, Joanne, etc. Once I hear "Jo--" I turn around sometimes.

lol my name is Adeola, so this never happens to me

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my name is rachel, so when people say mitchell and i'm not fully listening i get confused. and last year in english we had two graces, and two taylors and they never figured out who came first for attendance.

A girl who shares the same name as me had the locker to down from mine. She's also pretty popular so when ever someone would call out to her I would automatically turn around and they would just awkwardly glare at me for responding.

People always mumble the words "and then" but somehow still say it like it's a name, and I hear "Evan" instead. School hallways suck. Especially since I used to never hear when people did say my name, so now that I'm alert for it, I mistake it all the time.

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