When you're little and you see a scary movie, it embeds a phobia in you that you wouldn't have otherwise. Amirite?

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Exorcist made me afraid of religion.

'It' by Stephen King made me afraid of clowns forever.

CHICKEN RUN....... I hated that movie. I still wont watch it. so i have chickenrunophobia

Even though they weren't scary movies, Pinochio made me afraid of whales and The Little Mermaid made me afriad of octopus. haha. :p

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Those damn evil singing sea witches. They're EVERYWHERE nowadays.

Barney made me afraid of bears.
You know, that one episode, with the turtle and the rape whistle in the forest?

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I rode a rollercoaster as a very, very small child, and hated it, and never ride any any more!not scary movies, but definitely the same concept

I saw part of a movie where a clown pulls a kid into a sewer...now I can't stand by my bed , I have to jump onto it

I watched the exorcism of Emily rose and after that I was scared to stay up until 3am because I was afraid the bad spirits would attack me

And I was afraid of the organ/piano thing in beauty and the beast

I'm deathly afraid of birds. More from reading "The Birds" than watching it, though.

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Poltergeist made me terrified to go in my closet alone.

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My dad watched csi type shows when I was little so I can't sleep without a light in my room so I see no one is trying to kill me.

An episode of are you afraid of the dark make me terrified hands were going to shoot up out of the ground and grab me. I had a melt down when I saw the last minute of Carrie. I know it's weird, I'm over it.

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