Its so annoying when your friend gets mad because you dont sit with them for one day but when they do it and you say something they get even more pissed off going 'I can sit with other people' yet they get mad when you do it and say the same. amirite?

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You don't have very nice friends...

No, cause I'm not in elementary school.

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Girls as friends can be so annoying sometimes

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It's so annoying when you're trying to read a post and there's no commas or punctuation marks so you try to read it once but mess up so you read it again and then you get confused and then you read it to someone else and they get it the first time so you get angry and then read it an hour later and you get it.

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This only happened to me when I was in a girl school for a year and a half of highschool(we have 5 years of highschool). She had the entire class devided because I sat with my team at a sportsday instead of with her in her team... Which was against the rules. -_-

This happened with me, except over shopping. Apparently, I can't shop with other people but my friend can.

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