Whenever you go trick or treating, there's always a rumor floating around that a house a few streets over is giving king-sized candy bars, amirite?

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The rumor about the house a couple streets down from my block is that he's a child molester...

@I bet that's where Pedo_Bear lives...

Two things:
1. Speaking of PedoBear, there actually was someone dressed as PedoBear, this year. He hugged random people and started humping them.
2. There was indeed a house giving out full-size or king-size candy bars. It was awesome.

haha i hand out the major king sized candy bars at my house!

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eh some crazy person handed out apples one year. They thought because there were faces drawn on them it made up for the lack of inspiration and sadness they were causing in children -__-

One house gave out king sized candy bars today :D

HelloKitty822s avatar HelloKitty822 Yeah You Are 0Reply

i got NONE. but my brothers both got king sized reese's! not even fair. ):

jens avatar jen Yeah You Are 0Reply

I got a kid sized one last year!!! and thatt's why I trick or treat in the rich people neighborhoods

528491s avatar 528491 Yeah You Are 0Reply

One house gave me a can of Sunkist

coconuts avatar coconut Yeah You Are 0Reply

This one house was giving out full size candy bars (not King), but I didn't get one! I gave out giant tootsie pop "ghosts".

MacaroniSalads avatar MacaroniSalad Yeah You Are 0Reply

I got like 5 king sized candy bars this year.

ZombiiPies avatar ZombiiPie Yeah You Are 0Reply
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