Girl:Why are you following me? Boy:I am in love with you. Girl:Then you haven't met my friend.She's prettier and is standing behind you. Boy:(Looks)Nobody's there. Girl:If you really loved me you wouldn't have turned around. </3 No, he would've turned around on impulse anyway, stop being so melodramatic. amirite?

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Hell, I'd have turned around to see why the frick some creepy chick was following me, and I'm not even a guy.

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Finally, someone else who thinks these 'love' quotes are unrealistic and just plain annoying.

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It's not really being "portrayed" it's because the girl who made the facebook group IS a sappy idiot herself.

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Soul. Mates?

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He'd turn around and then think the bitch was crazy for seeing things.

I would've turned around, seen the prettier girl standing there and told the first girl ''I don't care. You're beautiful. I love you''

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amen! it's like when people yell "hey look, i'm naked!" just to see who turns. i almost always do. :D not because i wanna see someone naked (most of the time it doesn't even register with me what they say) i just turn around because someone's yelling.

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Thank you.

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Thank you!

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I would respond ''Now I know why you have no friends''

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