It'd be really cool if they started mixing some T.V. shows together. For Example : Kids Say the Darndest Things WHEN ANIMALS ATTACK, amirite?

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Or Jersey Shark Week. >:D

Vexs avatar Vex Yeah You Are +14Reply
@Vex Or Jersey Shark Week. >:D

something like Hannah Montana Intervention.

thin_ices avatar thin_ice Yeah You Are +17Reply

Everybody loves ramond, but everybody hates chris

Tuckers avatar Tucker Yeah You Are +20Reply

So You Think You Can Dance Better Than a 5th Grader

Anonymous +13Reply

Dora the explorer who's a teen mom.

Misspokadots avatar Misspokadot Yeah You Are +12Reply

Jackass and Mythbusters. Call it AssBusters

Demonturkys avatar Demonturky Yeah You Are +10Reply

Csi: jersey shore

Anonymous +6Reply

Amish in the City: Rescue Me.

stoneonthewaters avatar stoneonthewater Yeah You Are +5Reply

Pee Wee's Playhouse To Catch A Predator.


@luckie_ MYQ KAPLAN :D

Gah! I thought so!

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Darn...which comedian said this? I can't recall... Someone from Last Comic Standing.

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