Sometimes you think, "If someone that ugly can get a boyfriend, why can't I?!" even though it's really shallow, amirite?

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All the time all the time

Anonymous +21Reply

And sometimes I think, "Why do I have a boyfriend if I'm so ugly, but all my hot friends don't?"

EstoniaObsesseds avatar EstoniaObsessed Yeah You Are +9Reply

I just have to express that I'm the 1000th vote, I feel special :')

TheSpaceCowboys avatar TheSpaceCowboy Yeah You Are +8Reply

They got lucky and found the right person and I didn't.

SomeEpicNames avatar SomeEpicName Yeah You Are +7Reply

Next time you think that, realize you're answering your own question.

D: and fat!

ShioryKyokos avatar ShioryKyoko Yeah You Are +2Reply

Eh, pretty much sucks because I moved towns and this hot, sweet guy liked me and I liked him and then he goes out with some one who's not the best really :S

Sage_Flowers avatar Sage_Flower Yeah You Are 0Reply

This has been posted so many times its not even funny. How the hell does it keep making the best page :

Chances are that ugly person has an equally ugly boyfriend.

Kaitlyns avatar Kaitlyn Yeah You Are -1Reply
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