Be honest. Take cellphones, iPods, PC's, laptops, television, movies, and video games away from today's society and most of us wouldn't know what to do with ourselves at first, amirite?

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Key word: Most. Even if it's not you.

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You know what this person is trying to say. Obviously they are referring to the people who have any of these things. Don't get all technical on a post that's true.

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Societies without these are typically spend their days trying to survive. I would read _^

you know he is right, so shut up and stop pretending he is wrong :P


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these days, it seems NO ONE can except the truth :/

@google 'accept and except'.

You mean topeka 'accept and except'.

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When I read this I thought ' I'll just read this site or mlia' then I realized what an idiot moment I just had haha. But fortunently I lovelove reading, so I could survive with no technology :p

i never had all these things (Except for the tv, movies and cartridge video games) until 10 years back so i know what life is like when u dont have these things. i remember playing badminton for hours, playing or hanging out with my friends, learning to play the guitar, reading, painting. so although i would feel paralysed for a couple of days, i would still be able to bounce back in a couple of weeks, if not months.


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I'd sob in a corner all day long.

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Imaging being in a time where you didn't have that shizz and you didn't have books either or you lived in a time where most people were illiterate! how depressing

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my mom talks a lot about those times...it makes me wanna puke, cuz i know she's right

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