It's 28 degrees outside why are you wearing flip flops? Amirite?

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'Cause its 28 degrees Celsius :o

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because my lazyness trumps everything else

Because I live in Wisconsin. 28 degrees is a freakin heatwave in the winter.

.....28 degrees is pretty hott where i live....

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Because in Celcius, if it's 28 you're asked why you're NOT wearing flip flops.

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This post would be a lot better if they specified if it was Celcius or Fehrenheit.

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because it goes with my outfit lol

because 28 degrees is hot
right now its at 7
I am not wearing flip flops

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because in everywhere but the states thats pretty damn hot..

Because its usually -10 degrees

Ive seen some one wearing flip flops in -5

I wore my Uggs all the time last season, so I can't wear them two seasons in a row!
I didn't wear my flip flops at all, so it's okay.

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I honestly don't have any other decent-looking shoes.

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At least I'm wearing pants!

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cos its cali and everyone always wears flip flops

because theyre dumb bitches. :P

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