Having back problems is not right for a 16 year old, amirite?

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But when you're lugging around double-d boulders on your front and 3 AP books on your back, it's unavoidable! :(

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It is also not right for a 2 year old.

yeah, i had scoliosis really badly. now have two titanium rods in my spinal cord, all before the age of 16.

depends on what you've done in life. or if it's a problem like scoliosis which happened inevitably. lots of young girls who ride horses have back problems. my nerves are screwed in my back from gettin dumped at a jump when i was 10.

I have Scheuermann's disease, kyphosis, and scoliosis. Surgery on Feb 21 - keep me in your thoughts. :)

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I'm 13 and coming down with scoliosis. :(

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bah i can make my shoulders crunch when i move them. i have this thing where if i didnt go to physical therapy and ill have to do it again later ill get a hunch back at a young age

Or you could just be on your period.....

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Not If you're talking about scoliosis because it usually shows up around you're growth spurt(13-18)

Eh, I've been seeing a chiropractor since the 7th grade, it's not right but its normal for me.

Stupid school and their heavy books we have to carry. :/

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Damn Sheuermann's disease sucks. I developed it at 13. Gymnastics just fucks up your whole body.

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Or for a 15 year old :P

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