To Girls: Please don't tell guys "Oh yeah, I play COD." and expect us to be like "OMFG THAT'S SO HOT MARRY ME." because we don't give a shit. amirite?

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Oh, hey, I play COD.

OH MY GOD finally somebody understands. What bothers me is that I know a girl who does that and she doesn't even know what a playstation is. She's like "Oh yeah like xbox like cod like LOL" its like NOBODY CARES GTFO.

They probably just pretend to play video games to impress a guy.

And then it's funny when they invite her to play and she doesn't even know how to shoot or run. Stop lying to get attention. No one gives a shit. >_>

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One girl on my Facebook had her status as "I'm a girl who loves to play Call of Duty, I'm so awesome! Let's play zombies!" A couple of guys commented saying it was hot or awesome. I play it too and I'm like...okay, not that great. I probably worded this very oddly but...I'm tired.

Oh yeah, I play OCD. I've got a pretty sweet organization score, just sayin'

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They're so annoying. They make all of us other gamers who are girls look bad. Now, when I tell people I play video games, they think I'm doing it to impress guys. In reality, I'm usually just trying to make friends with the same interests. (Besides, I hate first-person shooters. I need games with puzzles to solve.)

It's only hot if a hot chick plays it and is good at it.

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However, it is still a plus.

It's even worse when they do it with sports. Especially during the super bowl. "hehehehe letS G0 P4ckurz!! <33333 ;) green bey 4 life <333"

I just play it for teh lulz.
And I still don't really understand why guys like it when girls play. I think it'd be more impressive if a girl said they could make a mean sandwich...

Im a girl and I play COD. Im not AMAZING but alot of people tell me im kind of good for a girl eyeroll lol Most of my friends jumped on the backwagon and say they're the biggest gamers ever when they really didnt even know what COD was before Black Ops came out -_- and then they ask me to "tutor" them so they can impress their boyfriends when they play. Lol.

A lot of girls here pretend to play Resident Evil too.. and COD. They're not even halfway decent at either of them, but they make sure to put their Facebook status so guys know they play. So lame.

We might be tempted to add you on whatever console you play, but that's about it.

I play just to play most guys dont find out till they bring it up ina convo i know alot of ppl tho who do it for attention and you can tell they have no idea what theyre talking about haha

NO but i srsly LOVE playing COD! it is the best and I don't say that to impress guys, I play it like 24/7. and I am a girl.

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@NO but i srsly LOVE playing COD! it is the best and I don't say that to impress guys, I play it like 24/7. and I am...

(COD FTW <3 <3): Yeah my friend plays it all the time and she's really good, not to impress people. She was into it before all the other girls were like OMGZ LIEK I LUHV ITTTT<3. She plays with her little brothers hahaha

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