The only thing scarier than your biggest fear is it flying. Who wouldn't be terrified of a flying shark, aerial giant octopus, or mother-in-law faster than a speeding bullet, amirite?

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My fear is birds. Flying birds. Meh, not that much worse.

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flying spiders. holy shit that would be scary

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What do windows have to do with this?

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hmmm...flying death doesnt make much sense :/

My fear is heights....and flying XD

Imagine a giant flying spider the size of your house, look out the window, and imagine it coming closer and closer....scares the sh*t out of you. XD

Flying slugs ... o_O

Bardagis avatar Bardagi Yeah You Are +1Reply

Flying roaches....

Flying hornets...

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I'm terrified of sharks but partially because I can't swim very well...so I think the water is mostly why I'm afraid of them. But I'm also scared of dead bugs....yes DEAD...I know its weird...but imagine flying unread zombie bugs :/

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Flying moths! Oh, wait...

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Flying whale. shudders

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Sorry guys. Just made an actually account so it's copied higher up. But glad to see im not alone!

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