Going to University, you have to be smart enough to attend and yet stupid enough to pay the outragious fees. amirite?

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If you can't spell outrageous right, it might be a sign that you shouldn't go.

Generally you're paying the difference you'll be making after you graduate... so outrageous? No. Well, as long as you live long enough to make that money back (most people do).
Stupid is taking out an exorbitant amount of loans that you'll never be able to pay back.

Yeah, almost stupid enough to not know how to spell outrageous*

Basically you are going to school>to get a good job>to get money-->to pay off going to school.

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I fail to see how paying lots of money for school is associated with stupidity.

Post fail.

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Im in grade 10, not going to university yet but plan on attending
and I spelled outrageous wrong, so shoot me,
or stfu

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