It's annoying when you're typing in Word, and you spell a word wrong but you know it's close to the actual spelling, and spell check still can't find a suggestion. So then you have to find other ways to spell the word wrong. amirite?

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the things we complain about in north america
but yes lol

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Why don't you just Google it?

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@Why don't you just Google it?

if you dont know how to spell it and neither does spell check, then that might be a problem

@But Google tends to correct misspelled words.

so does the spell check on Microsoft Word..and that failed

@The_easter_bunny so does the spell check on Microsoft Word..and that failed

Microsoft Word is a preprogrammed system that updates on occasions, whereas Google is literally constantly updating new information. Word might not have it registered, but the odds are Google will.

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This happened to me today with the word "comradery" and it took literally 3 people, myself included, to find the answer. Word can suck sometimes.

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