It's annoying when people type a paragraph of a question into Google and expect to get an answer, amirite?

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"is ceramic really like breakable like glass or is it harder than that because it's heavier"
saw my peer type this in the other day.

ClaireTheBozos avatar ClaireTheBozo Yeah You Are +5Reply

I do that.....a lot....-_-

OptimusPrime69s avatar OptimusPrime69 Yeah You Are +1Reply

I do that all the time. And it works well enough, so whatever.

Anonymous +1Reply

Wait, why would it annoy you? Most probably do it from their own homes, and if it's in school just don't watch people type.

umm if it's a w.s. for homework a lot of the times the same exact question has been asked on google before, so it works quite well

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