Dear Republicans: Chill with the attack ads. There's probably a school system somewhere that would greatly appreciate the money you are spending on ads. amirite?

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Democrats are just as guilty. Such is modern politics.

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Hmmm...I'm not Republican or Democrat, but I noticed Democrat ads attacked on personality, Republican ads attacked on policy.

Either way, attack ads in my home district were all coming from Democrats.

FYI: democrats do the same thing...

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Actually, the only attack ads I've seen are form Democrats. I don't know if that's just because I live in a liberal state or something but still.

That's foolish of you to say. Democrats produce just as many, if not more, attack adds.... You're clearly an oblivious, bigoted liberal.

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Democrats do the same thing! Oh wait that's already been pointed. And pointed out. And pointed out...

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Democrats do the same thing. Not saying it's right. Btw, the above video isn't truthful at all, and there isn't even a thing such as "Aqua Buddha."

Democrats do do the same thing, but in this particular year republican ads were more dirty. Plus half of their ads are coming from anonymous corporate donations thanks to the conservative citizens united ruling.

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Meh, they're all lawyers.

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