The one thing you keep the most secret is your sixth grade school photo: 'Oh yes, and here's her school photo from middle school when she had braces and acne and an obsession for wolves-' 'MUM, NOOOO!!!' amirite?

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"an obsession for wolves" I can't be the only one who thought of a particular user when I read that...

goodtimes avatar goodtime Yeah You Are +14Reply

What's wrong with having a wolf obsession d smilie

@ilikefurrywolves4815 What's wrong with having a wolf obsession

When I read the post I knew that you would comment this.

Pfft "sixth grade." More like every school picture ever. Except my senior portrait..that was niicee. cool smilie

All of my school pictures came out rather nicely, even the first grade one where I was missing my front teeth.

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I looked 100 times prettier in 6th grade than I do now. :(

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My third grade photo is far worse, though

Rajs avatar Raj Yeah You Are 0Reply

My sixth grade picture is the worst. Glasses, short hair, blehhhhh. I wasn't even smiling.

My 6th grade picture is pretty awkward too. I had a huge zit above my nose, I lost my glasses, I had crooked teeth and my smile was terrible. :x I hate looking at it.

I was absent for my grade 6 photo.

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