When you think about it, Arthur the Aardvark has a pretty sad life. All his friends tease him constantly (especially that bitch Francine), his sister is always on his back about how much she doesn't like him and never gets punished beyond the occasional scold, he has to wear glasses and isn't particularly good at anything... amirite?

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wow none of you knew he was an aardvark. That's sad.
His life isn't all that bad. He has a lot of fun. BECAUSE HE HAS A LIBRARY CARD!!!

kayawithpigs avatar kayawithpig Yeah You Are +17Reply

Did anyone else notice how Muffy never volunteered her money to help solve whatever problem the current episode had?

FlyingGuineaPigs avatar FlyingGuineaPig Yeah You Are +6Reply

In the first ever book he was an anteater, and was made fun of for his long nose.

Anonymous +5Reply

I knew he was an aardvark.
But, I didn't know what an aardvark was.

Eat your fireants Arthur. You guys never read the books.

he's too average for his own good

Anonymous +2Reply

He's the aardvark version of Charlie Brown.

Bossmans avatar Bossman Yeah You Are 0Reply

Except for glasses, that sounds a lot like my life...oh well I'm still happy.

Anonymous 0Reply

there is nothing wrong with wearing glasses

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@there is nothing wrong with wearing glasses

(Your+name+(optional)): no nothing at all, I just watched the episode where Francine is a total bitch about it calling him a 4 eyes and stuff

ms_amber_626s avatar ms_amber_626 Yeah You Are +1Reply

Sounds like my life.

And what the hell is an aardvark? Is that what he was all along? Lol

Big_Bosss avatar Big_Boss Yeah You Are -1Reply

I didn't know he was an aardvark.

I always thought he was a bear. And my childhood just keeps getting ruined by this site... -sigh-

Stuffs avatar Stuff No Way -1Reply

I could never tell what exactly he was...

Crazy. I didn't know he was an aardvark.

I always thought he was a wallaby - like Rocko from Rocko's Modern Life. They look similar.

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