You found rather questionable objects in ball pits when you were a kid, amirite?

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I found Waldo.

I found some tall 20 something man who looked like a young Vulcan. He kept diving up and down throughout the ballpit while saying "Bazinga" when I tried to catch him.

mcdonalds and other places have pretty much stopped making playplaces at all because parents freak out in their kids have any fun in a remotely risky way. RIP childhood

I found purple balls,kids like a foot under the surface,toys,and money.

Our McDonald's got sued because a garden snake got into the ball pit and slithered across someone's foot. Also, my after-school babysitting thing had a ball pit that I found used tissues in. There's probably some of my blood in there, too, since some kid once gave me a bloody nose with a soccer ball to the face while I sat in the ball pit.

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Legit I once found a turd and freaked out and dropped it back in and had my mom help me wash off my hands hahaha...

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I've never been in a ball pit.

I found a cube with roughly the same surface area of a ball from the ball pit. Then I put the cube back in the rarely visited cube pit next door.

i found a foot once...

@moonshine i found a foot once...

was it connected to a toddler?

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Those things were awesome. I'll have to find a way to make one for my kids since they're almost gone.

The one at chuckie cheese, I hit the jackpot. I found like 500 tickets and like 100 tokens. I got like 10 bags of cotton candy.

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