People who don't have dogs are really unsympathetic to people whose dogs die. They just don't understand, amirite?

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I'm a cat person and was still super upset when my friend's dog had to be put down. Hated that thing, but it was obviously important to him.

So I'd say we're sympathetic to the owners, just not to the dogs lol

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That sucks :( My dog got stolen a couple weeks ago as well ... it was difficult to make people understand why it was upsetting to me. Which is weird, considering I'd known my dog about five years longer than I'd known them.

People are quite stupid sometimes.

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I only put it negative because that made me tear up... :'(
Your friend is a heartless person...

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I think thats pretty unfair, you are just assuming - maybe from an experience you had.
I don't have any pets but I wouldn't want any of my friends to lose theirs.
By saying this you are just insulting people like me.

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