Musicians: People brag about being soprano because they can sing really high notes. When in reality, being alto is the way to go because it's hard to sing good radio songs when you're a soprano. amirite?

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Yes, alots are better.


@Meeko Yes, alots are better. http://ctrlv.in/8019

OMG! I was just about to link that, ily.

I'm an alto, but somehow I can go higher than a few sopranos and lower than all the guys in my choir. Kick-arse range.

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I don't know much about singing so when I joined choir I asked which was easier and they put me in Alto

Altos ftw. :]
I think it's easier for altos to sing higher notes than vice versa.

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Okay, guess what. I play the clarinet, an instrument, so I'm officially not a musician because musicians only sing?

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ALTO!! Change it before it's too late!!

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@EstoniaObsessed ALTO!! Change it before it's too late!!

Oh my goodness I didn't even notice that! My fingers type faster than my brain can think... thank you for saving my life.

haha you said alot...haha

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Yes I'm commenting on my own post because I have an addition kind of.

I always hate when people ask if I'm alto or soprano, because I'm capable of both but I prefer to sing alto. So I hate answering because it makes it sound like I'm showing off, when really I'm pretty much both.

a lot of female singers sing to high for me... and im a soprano. but, being a soprano is better no matter the radio because they make more money cuz it is easier for your voice to crack and fuck up

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