Thank god for warning labels: I was about to spill hot coffee on my lap while lathering this body wash in my eyes and eating bleach. amirite?

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and using your blowdryer and/or straightener while taking a bath.

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personally, I enjoy making toast in the bath. WHILE straightening my hair....and ripping tags off mattresses.

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Ohhh and those little freshness bead packets they put in like shoe boxes...and beef jerky. Pshh. 'Do not eat' my ass. Stingy bastards just wanna hog the goodness. And everyone gets a little hungry when trying on shoes, why else would they be in there??

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hahahaha this is the first post i've read all day that actually made me laugh out loud!

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(:)): sounds like even more fun than my suggestion, haha.

Technically, you can't eat bleach, you can drink it...

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