You know you're great friends when you can sit around making weird noises, amirite?

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Maui (my friend Molly) and I once were on a golf course making farm animal noises while walking around... we almost got hit by two golf balls at the same time. They were both coming from the same direction. We were so confused.

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My friends and I sit in a circle an make vacuum noises and if you laugh your out!

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lol this is so true

or when you can randomly insult your friend and they wont take it serious, and when you're serious they just know already that you aint fuckin around

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Wow. Id just like to let you know that this post is actually HIGHLY offensive. I have two friends who are mute and one that is deaf. I'm just SO thrilled have the blessing of being able to share something so special as sound and speech, that you can waste those precious moments making weird noises. How dare you.

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