Kingdom hearts is an amazing concept. But it's also sad at the same time because chances are one or more members of Organization 13 was starting to grow on you and then they all die. amirite?

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I was sad when Axel died :(

Canadian_Ninjas avatar Canadian_Ninja Yeah You Are +7Reply

Haha nice to know I'm not the only Kingdom Hearts freak out there :) But yeah, I was upset when Demyx died. And I flipped my shit when Axel died. I mean, couldn't they at least spare one???

Anonymous +5Reply

I. FUCKING. WANT. TO. PLAY KINGDOM HEARTS! Fuck I know all about the game and I have never played it in my life. I was kinda pissed when Axel died.

Anonymous +2Reply

I was pissed when Zexion died. He was so badass >:(

Anonymous +1Reply

I love Kingdom Hearts. Haha, I just got finished playing when I saw this post.

Mitchhps avatar Mitchhp Yeah You Are 0Reply

My favorite was Demyx :D And then Axel... It was so upsetting to see them both die. Especially since they had started to grow on me so much.

SanctuaryExiles avatar SanctuaryExile Yeah You Are 0Reply

I was beyond pissed when Axel , Xion and Demyx died . After those fights in Chain of Memories with Larxene though , I was glad I took her down . D8<

Anonymous -1Reply
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