Listening to Bob Marley didn't influence you to smoke pot. Smoking pot influenced you to listen to Bob Marley, amirite?

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It's really neat to listen to songs about pot when you're smoking pot and Bob Marley is the first person that comes up in everyone's mind. The pot also made the music sound even better and since we were in such a good mood when we're high it also gives the songs sentimental value. I liked reggae before smoking pot too so I've heard the songs before so I could sing along but I wouldn't have had them in my playlist if it wasn't for pot.

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Everybody loves Bob Marley, everywhere I go its the same old story, Bob.

KellyKudis avatar KellyKudi Yeah You Are +2Reply

Lolno. I simply listened to Bob Marley by my own decision that had nothing to do with pot or other drugs. I found quality and sentimental value in his music without the use of drugs.

Fattys avatar Fatty No Way +2Reply

I listen to Bob Marley completely sober. :)

He's got good, socially conscious music...usually music like his and pot go hand-in-hand. Anyone that just smokes bc bob did is a poser

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I smoke pot, but I don't usually listen to Marley. I would enjoy a song of his if it came on though, I actually enjoy reggae more when I am painting.

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I can't stand Bob Marley, high or not. In fact, when I'm high, I really can't even remember that I'm listening to music most of the time. However, I've listened to Antonio Vivaldi, Darude, and Dethklok. Dethklok is the only band I've managed not to forget I was listening too multiple times. Music just doesn't do anything for me when I'm high.

Or, like me, you neither listen to bob marley nor smoke pot

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