Camp Rock is misleading. It isn't rock. It should be called Camp Pop, amirite?

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Not Camp Pop. Camp Poop since its so shitty.

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Perhaps camp is an adjective in this context, camp-rock sounds like a genre.

194 yeas and 0 no's. Wow..

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It would be awesome if the members of a band such as Jimmy Eat World jumped into "Camp Rock" with torches and pitchforks and had an epic concert which included the camp accidentally getting burned down.
Just sayin'.

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i think this is the highest rated post ive ever seen without a no way

I also assumed that the movie would "rock", but noooo.

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Hahah that was really funny and clever. I'm laughing so hard. :)

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made my day .

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Or it could just not be a movie at all...

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