Your life feels kinda lame after your grandparents tell stories: "Oh yes! Hitler was only 10 feet away from me....I was in Vietnam...I had to cut off my left pinky toe...." You: "Well yesterday I....clipped my toenails and updated my facebook status...", amirite?

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"Back in my day we had to wake up at 11:30 pm and walk eight hours to school through five feet of snow, uphill both ways, fending off wolves, grizzly bears, and velociraptors!" "I got up at 6:30 and took the bus..."

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"When I was young, at least 10 people liked each and every one of my statuses. And you know that facebook page about the the boy and the girl and CoD? Yup, I made that page. Over a million likes right there..."

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My grandfather likes to remind me how he was nearly killed as a baby during the bombing of Hamburg in WWII.
I don't feel as if I'll ever have a near-death experience as interesting as his.

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