Only white people can be racist, amirite?

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that's kinda racist right there, in a way.

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that's racist right there buddy...

well it seem like theyre the only people accused of being racist, people never get all up in arms when a black guy calls a white guy a cracker or honkey but if a white person says the n-word its a big deal...

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OMG that is so racist and not true.

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contradicting much...

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Anyone can be racist, including YOU dick!

dude totally....
i hate that about being white

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I don't think this is racist, I think its true that white people are more commonly called racist. If someone said "I love being black" no one would have a problem but if someone said "I love being white" many people would claim it was racist.

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apparently so because bl-- i mean African Americans make it more like that
but i think being called racist is the most racist thing you can say to a white guy

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