Why is it that if you order French fries as a meal, people give you funny looks and tell you it's 'meant to be a side dish,' but meanwhile it's considered to be totally normal to order sushi as a main meal? Like who decided eight little pieces of rice-roll with a vegetable in middle is filling enough anyway? amirite?

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Rice, don't diss.

@Andy Rice, don't diss.

OMG I love sushi, I am not dissing it at all. I am just saying that to me, it doesn't seem like more of a meal than French fries.

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I think sushi is healthier than french fries and that's why people don't consider french fries a meal. It's more junk food. You're usually eating it with something like hamburger which is at least a little healthier.

Exactly, some people eat 2 rice cakes and call it a meal.

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