Deep thoughts: Is MJ's ghost black or white? amirite?

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Well according to him, it don't matter

Spallistons avatar Spalliston Yeah You Are +15Reply
@Spalliston Well according to him, it don't matter

aw man, i was hoping nobody else had said this yet so i could sing xP


BreakfastFans avatar BreakfastFan Yeah You Are +9Reply

Oh my gosh... I may never sleep again wondering about this!!

Olivia123s avatar Olivia123 Yeah You Are 0Reply

I'd guess white since that's how he died

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Ghosts are always white so that's not a problem.

(luckie_) Me toooo! Uhh lol!

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He's gray.

Biancas avatar Bianca Yeah You Are 0Reply

Maybe it's like Star Wars. They look like their normal selves before a tragic accident, like plastic surgury or being dipped in lava soup.

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i think that when you die you go to the point where you looked and felt your best, so im gonna say his ghost is black.

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