Considering how sweaty My Chemical Romance gets in the middle of a song in a music video, God knows what they get like at concerts.... amirite?

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Well that's where the chemical part comes in!

My god I love them.
Sweaty or not, they. are. amazing.

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Its pretty much a given that any band will get sweaty at a show, as well as the whole crowd being sweaty-at least the shows i go to lol

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Kinda like when they were playing a Black Parade concert in a small venue... I'm not sure where though :/

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I'm not sure if they get sweaty or not, but i'm finding out December 5th =]

Well, of course. God knows all.

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@Well, of course. God knows all.

:P not even christian. God ain't all that real to me. my friend told me to post this. I think it's right though, though using "God" as a metaphor for whatever's out there. :)

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