It's annoying when girls in middle/high school wear tiaras to school when it's their birthday, it's like really are you 5? amirite?

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Let people do what they want. Why do you care so much?

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My sister did that on her 18th. But she didn't plan to. When she got to school, her friends gave it to her and made her wear it all day.

@AtheisticMystic My sister did that on her 18th. But she didn't plan to. When she got to school, her friends gave it to her and made...

A girl at my school who is really not girly was forced by her friends, parents, and teachers to wear a tiara and sash on her 16th birthday. And I got my friend some obnoxious sweet 16 stuff and made her wear it all day, but her brithday was over the summer.

i have never even thought of doing that. seems kinda self absorbed to me, no offence.

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It all depends. If its the popular prick person who everyone kisses ass to, yes its a problem. But if its the shy one who looks like shes going through pain everyday of her life and only has like 3 friends, let her have her fucking day!

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That never occured to me, either. Then again, I'm sortof revolted by all that "Princess" crap... I've never owned a single thing even vaguely related.

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I did it for my 16th birthday! there is nothing wrong with that.

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and the problem is?

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If I did that, my school would be like "That is not part of your school uniform!" as we are only allowed to wear navy blue or black plain hair accessories. So not worth the uniform imposition.

well it's different if someone gives it to you as a gift to wear. it's like a nickname: if you give one to yourself, it's lame and tacky.

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I like just like the fact that people get me stuff just for existing. XD

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Yes! One girl did that last year in my grade and she was turning 17!

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i did that on my birthday and i turned 16...

I'm gonna do it on my 18th birthday. That a problem ?

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