Dear school system. Please stop hiring sadists and perverts. We want more normal-ish teachers. amirite?

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Dear school system. Please stop hiring Death Eaters. We want more teachers who don't constantly take points from Gryffindor. amirite?

Dear school district
Please fire Mr S. He stares down girls shirts and its creepy.

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Yes! They're either horrible at teaching, horribly perverted, or bad tempered.
We have teacher, who's a man, that we have to hug our books to our chests if we have to ask him or talk to him. Oh, and there's another who can't stop staring at our butts. And not all of us have great butts or boobs.
Seriously, our uniforms are composed of long skirts an long sleeved shirts. WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?

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i have a perv math teacher and his wife is another of my teachers. she is so nice but she doesnt know what he does and that hes probably cheating on her.

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