Those with tattoos: you hate the part where it's really itchy a few days afterwards, but you can't scratch it because it will be ruined amirite?

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My tatoos only seem to last until I take a shower, which is pretty upsetting. None of the unicorns stay!!!

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If you take care of it right it won't itch at all.

Bit o' E45'll sort that out, pal.

I know but even if you take care of it there is still discomfort.

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lotion the shit out of it, should help y smilie

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Mine didn't itch at all. Put Vaseline(petroleum jelly) on it, or lotion like el_scorcho said.

it shouldn't itch at all, at least mine didn't.

All mine itched, but they turned out fine. I used A&D Ointment, and that stopped the itching for the most part.

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I used aquaphor on mine and it really didnt itch

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I was expecting mine to itch but it didn't. I guess everyones different. But even when I once burnt my hand that itched really bad when it started to heal. So I'm not sure why my tattoo didn't. =\

r u talking about temporary tattoos?

but then y would it get messed up if u scratch it?

@lelesblog but then y would it get messed up if u scratch it?

because just after you get it, if you scratch it the ink can run

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up to how long after u get it? i thought the ink was in ur skin?

oh ohk did not kno tat good to kno for the future

Tattoos = complete turn off

@garrettruskamp Tattoos = complete turn off

i find tattoos very sexy. well it depends on what the tattoo is but in general, tattoos = sexy.

@garrettruskamp well a lot of girls like them on guys but as a guy they are a turnoff on girls

I agree that big tattoos, such as sleeves, full back pieces etc., tend to look better on guys, but I'm a girl and have two very small tattoos,and honestly don't think they're that big of a deal especially as they're both very easy to hide.

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