It's sad when you share something intimate, like a first kiss, with someone and now they don't even talk to you, amirite?

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Thanks for the warning

@xolilasianxo Thanks for the warning

So can girls... I took a guy's virginity, don't talk to him anymore, and found out later that he was gonna save it for someone special.

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@xolilasianxo Thanks for the warning

That's sad, I'm sorry. :( Fuck dat bitch :) On second thought, better not.

And why is my comment down voted? I didn't know he was saving it for someone special before hand and it's not like I ignore him, but it's a perfect example of a girl not being very sensitive and doing something unintentionally douchey. Guys aren't the only ones like that.

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@xolilasianxo Thanks for the warning

And my ex-girlfriend, whom I shared my first kiss with and am still in love with, will no longer talk to me.

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@xolilasianxo Thanks for the warning

Well I up-voted you back up one. You're right, you did absolutely nothing wrong. It's just a shame that to him it meant something more.

@xolilasianxo Thanks for the warning

Had I known it meant something to him, I wouldn't have done it. And if he talked to me, I would talk to him back. I just never hit him up after then I found out that upset him and I felt pretty bad.

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@xolilasianxo Thanks for the warning

Be careful. Guys can be douches sometimes.

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I've only had one boyfriend and we both were each other's first kiss and the first person we were in love with. When he broke up with me- he took it back :(

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I honestly had my first kiss just so I could get it over with. I felt kinda bad about it, it meant nothing to me but I think he had a crush on me. I also rejected making out with him immediately after it happened. Double whammy.

:/ whats life with out some risk though right?

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