Nope. I havnet met Mr. right yet, but I have met Mr.rude, Mr. player, Mr. fake, and Mr. annoying, amirite?

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AND Mr. Left.

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And I've met yet another Mr. I-Copy-Facebook-Pages.

I "havnet" either.

Anonymous +5Reply

okay. so i really like that. it's steller. =) it's totally true for me.

youmademeinks avatar youmademeink Yeah You Are +4Reply

Did you forget Mr. Wrong?

Anonymous +4Reply

Yeah i have. But kind of all in one.

ChristinaIsMes avatar ChristinaIsMe Yeah You Are +3Reply

Actually there's this guy at my school named Wright. Hahahahhahaa

hell i havent met any misters that want to give me the time of day. sigh stupid shallow teenage boys

Uhh repost much?

Anonymous +2Reply

mr. cheap, mr. stalker and mr. drug addict too. ugh -_-.

slytherinangels avatar slytherinangel Yeah You Are +2Reply

What about mr. Liar, mr. B.O., mr. irresponsible, mr. geek, and mr. egomaniac.

muffinmonkeys avatar muffinmonkey Yeah You Are +2Reply

mr. douche bag.

glengirl1498s avatar glengirl1498 Yeah You Are +2Reply

and the mr. 'golden showers', amirite?

Anonymous +1Reply

mr. full of himself, mr. retard, and don't forget mr. perv

if only the opposite had happened. i wish i had met mr. right already and no other mr.'s

I love that! mind if i use it?


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Don't forget Mr. Vain

Mr. Annoying xOver 9000!

Jennitalias avatar Jennitalia Yeah You Are 0Reply
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