Have they run out of names for air freshners? Like seriously, what the fuck is an open window supposed to smell like, amirite?

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Danisnotonfire FTW!!!!

BiBamBops avatar BiBamBop Yeah You Are +11Reply
@BiBamBop Danisnotonfire FTW!!!!

danisnotonfire is funneh

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Ahahahah this post made me laugh really hard. :D

xOyaidkks avatar xOyaidkk Yeah You Are +2Reply

danisnotonfire for the win <3333

SoWrongItsRosies avatar SoWrongItsRosie Yeah You Are +1Reply

It probably smells nice, like fresh un-polluted air.

muffinmonkeys avatar muffinmonkey Yeah You Are 0Reply

"Purple Turtleneck Sweater" SCORE!

every time one of my posts gets featured on the homepage i miss it! but it probably smells like a window pane or something

BiBamBops avatar BiBamBop Yeah You Are -1Reply

Like the smell of nature that roles in through the open window...

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