There's that one YouTube video that you've watched an unhealthy number of times, amirite?

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The Bed Intruder Song

@LadyPeterPan ...... :$

I was wondering how long it would take for someone to post that :P

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I couldn't care less what other people's videos are.

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Oh god I hate those videos but they are so addicting!!!

Darksided_Deaths avatar Darksided_Death Yeah You Are +2Reply

Ted Bear: Survivalist

The mean kitty song.

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That's your horoscope for today...

Saigots avatar Saigot Yeah You Are +1Reply
@Saigot That's your horoscope for today...

Weird Al! I own that song :)
I'm a libra. HBU?

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@Weird Al! I own that song :) I'm a libra. HBU?

be careful with that appendix, i'm a Scorpio, i'm a stupid freak :( and people keep pushing me off buildings

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Shane Dawson singing Baby.

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IDEK 1-10 and the japanese chip commercial:D:D:D:D:D

So? It's true... i've watched one. it's funny. Go to youtube and type 'green jelly the three little pigs' you'll laugh at the end.

for me.... superman socks yes. watch it :P

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its too addicting

@ilikepringles its too addicting

I saw that on Raywilliamjohnson, and its so funny!

potatochipss avatar potatochips Yeah You Are +1Reply

I have about 3 of those, at least

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Leeeeroy JenkinsSsss!!!

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I watch it ALL the time

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Thriller. I'm sorry, but I have watched that with the sound off once when I was supposed to be doing homework. That's pretty sad...

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The Shower Song by Onision :x

anelles avatar anelle Yeah You Are -1Reply

katy perry's peacock music video with the hot gay guys

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