Flowery tank top- $12 Add a moose logo to it- $44 Paying for Ambercrombie & Fitch- just plain stupid... amirite?

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their shirts and ripped jeans suck but, i really like their hoodies and sweatshirts, i've had some for 6 years and they still look really good! And i buy them on SALE at the OUTLET so i get a pretty good deal :]

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Just the opposite. They realize there are people actually willing to pay for that and as long as there is a logo or name on a product they can get away with hiking up the price.

If you check their sale items or wait until an item you want goes on sale you can get it for less than half the original price, so the items I buy aren't really expensive.

the same goes if you were to add an eagle to it

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...or a seagull -.-

It's not stupid. The people buying it full price are pretty stupid, but the company is not.

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