the world needs to slow down on the technology, we need to stop finding cures for things, the world is becoming over populated with dumbasses and people who should not really be alive, let natural selection happen, let nature takes its course, amirite?

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Overpopulated with the unintelligent, yes. Ending the search for cures, no. Our answer lies in murder.

I disagree. The tech industry is an important part of the economy, and slowing it would cause many people to lose jobs and stop paying taxes. Besides, it's not like you can write a note to the tech industry execs asking them to "please slow down". Moreover, when is it fair for you or I to say that someone doesn't deserve a cure for an illness they have??? I know that if I was dying, I wouldn't tell my family, "no thanks, I don't want a remedy. I don't deserve life, so let's let natural selection take it's course". It's interesting to know that you don't value technology and medical cures that may save your life one day. I imagine that your opinion may be different if someone you love dies with a disease that you think there shouldn't be a cure for.

@daniel123 I disagree. The tech industry is an important part of the economy, and slowing it would cause many people to lose...

i love how you think i haven't thought about that, i didn't just post this because it popped into my head, it's legitimately something i think that would be a very good idea, and yes even if it may save my life i don't want it to, if i'm not supposed to live, then that's just fine, let it be

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I get what you're trying to say, but what if the person in need of the cure was your mom. Would you still want people to stop finding cures?

You're too late. We selected against natural selection as we developed our technology, and isn't coming back unless the human race somehow loses most, if not all, of its technology.

Also, overpopulation doesn't have anything to do with people being dumbasses.

You, my friend, will be one of the first to go. There are lovely little things called periods. Some sentences require periods, not a bunch of commas.

but if we keep finding cures for diseases the weak will continue to live on and weak ppl will continue to repopulate which is making the human race more pathetic the point of diseases is to weed out people who cant take it and just hav the best strongest people left

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