When you think of violinists, you think of elegant people playing beautiful music in an orchestra. However, when you think of fiddlers, you think of hillbillies playing country music, even though they are the same thing, amirite?

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There is a difference! It's mainly the way the instrument is played, which is greatly defined by the bridge. The bridge of the fiddle is flatter, so that two strings can be played at once, giving the instrument a distinct sound. The bridge of the violin is more arched than that of the fiddle, which allows the musician to play each string individually, giving the instrument a clearer sound.

This may be offensive but... when I think of violinists I imagine an Asian. Just me.

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When I hear fiddler I think of Irish people or Newfoundlanders

What's the difference between a fiddle and a violin? STRANGS. Hahahahaha. ha

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When i hear violinist i think tantric.

No credit to violists?

A violin is often made with a more curved bridge, a more delicate bow, a side chin rest, and a darker finish. A fiddle has a flatter bridge, a thicker bow, a center chin rest, and a lighter finish.

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When I hear fiddler I think of Fiddler on the Roof :3

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