The glee version of teenage dream is just as good, If not better, than the original version, amirite?

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that is all.

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That's so cool! How?

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oh my godd, you are so freakin luckky... i loved him in avpm/s and little white lie and i love glee and now theyre combined! i screamed when i found out he was gonna be on the show, hahah :)


I'm jealous. You met Darren.

that's cause HARRY FREAKIN POTTER sang it!!!

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For once, they made a version that surpased the original.

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That's because it is sung by the totally awesome/amazing Darren Criss!

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ugh and i love that darren criss sang it!!

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I'm not a Glee fan - I watched the first episode and stopped. (Don't know why.)
Anyway, when I heard that Darren Criss was going to be on it, I looked it up. Not exactly the song I would've chosen, but you win some you lose some.
And, damn, he looked fiiiiiiine.

Teenage Dream wasn't good at all. I mean the original, so it wouldn't be that hard to make it 'just as good'

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I loved it! It's one of my favorite Glee songs!

I hate the original teenage dream. The lack of computers in it really gave it something though.

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Ahh he went to my high school. <3

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@just_a_girl In San Francisco?

Yeup! Back in SI. Saw his freshman picture. <3 go wildcats

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Darren Chris as Blaine <3

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Nothing that Glee will ever sing could ever hope surpass the original.

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Simply pressing no way would suffice. This is sort of a pointless comment, but proper grammar would help it.

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