stop filling up your 2 liter water bottle at the drinking fountain while im behind you! The fountain is for SIPPING not to tank up for a 2 day hike up Mount Douchebag. amirite?

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Or you could learn to be patient for all of the minute that it's going to take. Calm your tits brah.

If they're making you wait, then sure they're mean. But that's free water, it's logical that they'd want to refill their bottle with it.

if youre waiting im sure they had to wait for someone as well. its free water, why not refill bottles? it environmentally conscious plus it saves money. stop being a douche and wait your turn.

I know OP! It's like they think the world doesn't revolve around you!

Hey, don't be so mean. They're climbing that mountain to visit your house on top.

At least they're being healthy. Maybe you should call it Diet Mountain Douche bag.

Harpers avatar Harper No Way +6Reply

Is that the unspoken-yet-written-in-stone rule? Or maybe a city ordinance that water fountains aren't for filling up bottles? Maybe cities should regulate just how much water one person can use from their fountains per use.

How about this: unless you're in the Sahara desert on camel back you don't need water that bad that you can't wait your turn

I always do this while at the park... Guess I'm a douche bag.

Mount douchebag...

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Guess people think differently wherever you're from. People in my school understand that that's an intelligent, money-saving, environmentally conscious thing to do.

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I always fill up my bottle at the fountain but if there's someone waiting behind me I stop and let them get a drink.

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It's free water... Who doesn't want that?

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