It's hard to determine which will come first; The virus created by the government that will go all wrong and turn everyone into mindless, blood-thirsty zombies, or the day when robots and computers will become smart enough to take over the world. amirite?

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There's this scientist called Ray Kurzweil who thinks computers will be a billion times more intelligent than a human brain by 2045. Thats not very long away...

ginawilkos avatar ginawilko Yeah You Are +1Reply

Or the alien invasion

RoadRunners avatar RoadRunner Yeah You Are +1Reply

Personally, I hope its zombies... At least some of us would stand a chance.

oh definitely the computers will take over, haven't you seen that car that drives by itself?

Miss_Potters avatar Miss_Potter Yeah You Are 0Reply

I'd rather have to deal with zombies than rouge AIs. At least with zaks I can be sure that my guns will work against them.

TheCatalysts avatar TheCatalyst Yeah You Are 0Reply

I think you watch too many sci-fi movies, op.

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