A "bazillion" in the real world would be approximately equal to 234589342u234509854329058 on the internet, amirite?

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I've told you like 548690321165e48797898796032165487903216548i976032131654897 times!

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hahaha random 'U'

strawberryjams avatar strawberryjam Yeah You Are +2Reply

I say a gajillion tho.

wo since when is u a number

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@wo since when is u a number

It's a joke. When you want to make a HUGE exaggeration in the real world you say "A bazillion," but when you want to make a huge exaggeration online, you keyboard mash, occasionally getting a letter thrown into your giant number.

Maxs avatar Max Yeah You Are +14Reply
@wo since when is u a number

Since I turned 16 and the government knew I existed.

Truuninjas avatar Truuninja Yeah You Are +8Reply
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