Fact: Glenn Beck was around in 1990. Fact: Girls were around in 1990. Fact: Rape and Murder was around in 1990, Glenn Beck raped and murdered a girl in 1990. amirite?

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Girls were around in 1990? That's news to me.

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"Glenn Beck is like Satan's mentally retarded younger brother." -Stephen King

This post is a joke. Glenn Beck makes claims based on evidence all the time. If you think the OP is being serious, you are dumb.

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Fact: You are dumb

@OnePenguin Fact: You are dumb

Can you prove to me you are not participating in a gang-rape with underage Canadian boys as you type your response?

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I'd beleive that.

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@SpearmintMilk I'd beleive that.

Yeah, but what you "beleive" doesn't hold any countenance, as you believe in things with less logic than this.

@SpearmintMilk I read it on teh Internetz1!!!11 Duhhh he dosn't deny it does he?

I formally accuse Obama of setting a man on fire three years ago.

He hasn't denied omg he did it!!

Listen to your ridiculous logic. Think about the uproar if he publicly denied it.

Seriously, use your brain.

I saw something like this involving polar bears and lefties.

Glenn Beck is like an annoying older brother. The only way to get him to stop is to ignore him.

You, OP, systematically execute middle-aged teachers whose weights exceed one-hundred fifty pounds. Is there any evidence that you didn't? Do you deny these claims?

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