I'm a guy who is a crossdresser including bras and makeup. They are just clothes. Get over it. If women can wear guys clothes, guys can wear girls clothes without being judged, amirite?

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you queer

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I agree with muffinmonkey.... why would you need to wear a bra if you have no bust?

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So you have moobs?

It's seems like cross-dressers are kind of forgetting who they are. Denying it.

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Wait, if you're a guy, why would you need a bra?

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@muffinmonkey Wait, if you're a guy, why would you need a bra?

I was thinking the same thing....?? I understand the makeup and all, but I think a wearing a bra is going a bit too far.

I sort of agree with this post. Of course cross-dressers are just people like everyone else. Most of them, I assume, are probably very nice people, but you can't do something so strange without being judged at first glance.

Girls wear guys clothes because they are infinitely more comfortable. Let's see you climbing a tree in a skirt with makeup running down your face with your sweat.

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If you wondering, I wear dresses, skirts and shirts with laces and ruffles. Anything cute.

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