Awkward partner assignments are made even more awkward when the teacher sees you looking lost and yells out "WHO WANTS ___, SHE HAS NO GROUP!" amirite?

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I hate it when that happens, especially since I'm a guy!

It's even worse when the teacher makes you choose your group, cause you know no one wants you.

@Just thinking about it hurts...

When it happens, I just ask if I can work alone if the groups are small enough.

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It's like the teacher says group work, but all the kids hear is "Hey, you have to talk for this project so it will be easy to just talk to your friends. You got paired up with some loser who actually doesn't want to fail. Make them do all the work!"

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And then they always pair me up with the one person i cant stand. -.-

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WHO WANTS FLYINGGUINEAPIG SHES IN A GROUP. Wait, we all want a Flying Guinea Pig :D

@Box WHO WANTS FLYINGGUINEAPIG SHES IN A GROUP. Wait, we all want a Flying Guinea Pig :D

Why thank you, Box. Personally, I'd quite like a box. I hear they make lovely homes for guinea pigs.

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aha while my teacher was taking attendance, no one was at my table and she said, "Justin, are you the only on back there?" and everyone looked over and yelled "LONERRRR!" -.-

I was always that student that looked around and was like "Fuck this. I'm working alone," and I'd usually tell my teacher that I was sick and didn't want to work close with other people.

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One time in the fifth grade, we had to divide into groups for music class to play a game. I'm looking around and a girl says, "oh, let's be in a group together." More people joined, but when the three most popular girls in the class are like "Hey! We need more people in our group!" The people in my group dicthed me so fast they must have bumped their nose on the way to kissing their ass.

Anyways, I had to go be with the loser-girls. We ended up winning the game. Because of me. IN THEIR SNOTTY FACES!

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I hate groups for the most part. Once in Music class, we were asigned a group project, and i was in a group of 3 other girls and two of the girls talked the WHOLE time. We barley go anything done because of them and i got a D on the project, almost causing me to get a B when I had A's all year in all classes.

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That's why, in the classes where there are people I honestly hate, I have someone to pair up with. We pre-determined that, if we ever had to make pairs, we would work together.
Mostly in the 2 classes where this guy has an assigned seat near me and he's repulsive.

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Story of my life. Especially science. D:

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Y'all got no friends seriously. I always know people who I can work with.

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@Y'all got no friends seriously. I always know people who I can work with.

Sometimes it's the "Ok, only four people per group!" And there are five of you.

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