When you think of a pedophile, you think of a greasy middle aged man. You don't think of a women in her twenties, even though it's possible, amirite?

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Well when you think of housework and cooking you think of women, not men right? Stereotypes are drilled into our brains.

Last year a girl I went to school with, had sex with a 14 year old boy when she was 21 (ew) while she was in America, and she got arrested and put in prision and all that jazz that happens when you have sex with a minor. But then she got extrodited back to Australia and she didn't have to serve the rest of her sentence and it made me angry.

I bet some people think of bears.

I thought of that one George Lopez episode when i read this.

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the book Boy Toy. its quite a good read.

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I imagine dead eyes when I think of pedophiles wary smilie

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