Why do people say that being kissed in the rain is romantic? Its just cold and wet, amirite?

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well milkshakes are cold and wet, and i like those

All about the atmosphere.

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It may be cold and wet but it's extremely hot

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That's what she said!

@Ram27 That's what she said!

Lol! These are the best comments I've gotten on one of my posts :P

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@broadwaygleek Your posts must not get homepaged very often....

omg....i didn't even know it made it onto the homepage until now! i havent been on in a very long time and this is my first post on the homepage.

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AGREED. i mean, seriously . . . Its dirty polluted water falling on you. Youre gonna get all soaked and eventually smell bad because its rain. And youre just gonna feel uncomfortable because of the wet damp clothes, and its gonna weigh a ton from soaking in all the damn rain water, and youre gonna get cold. Nothing very romantic about it.

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This is so true, I wouldn't mind being kissed in the rain, but I wouldn't actually want it to happen...

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lol well i usually see people dancing in the rain in Indian movies but in India its not always cold when it rains..so i don't know how to answer your question

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